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Introducing: You Rock! Block

A fun collectible block system that encourages positive behaviors while helping students build character and community.
  • 360 Puzzle Tokens
  • 30 Backpack Rings
  • 1 Class Tracker
  • Free Downloadable Goal Posters
  • 1 Storage Box
  • 1 Prize Assortment Coupon

You Rock! Block teaches students that their good actions are all part of building a better community.

Our Puzzle Tokens function as gotcha rewards for catching your students in acts of being good. Students collect the tokens to build blocks.

Rock the Block!

Build Community

  1. earn – students earn Puzzle Tokens for positive behaviors
  2. give back – for every 6 tokens they receive, they build a block to give back
  3. build – together, the class or school uses the blocks to build toward a community goal

Celebrate each assembled block with a prize or choice of fun activity.

Reward the class with quarterly Block Parties. Reward the school with an end of school year or end of semester Block Party, movie or convocation.

You Rock! Block is a reward in and of itself. Your students will love to get them! Together, the class will enjoy watching how tall they can stack their blocks.

You Rock! Block is a fun update to your current reward bucks or behavior system…with no photocopying and cutting required!

You Rock! Block is a flexible SEL and PBIS support tool to implement the way that works best for your school.

Budget-friendly, You Rock! Block Puzzle Tokens can be used again and again!

Teachers can choose to let students keep their tokens as keepsakes and collect on their backpacks OR they can be turned in and reused over and over again.

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